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Moonstone Relocation

Teri Cutsinger- Relocation Consultant


I am a personal relocation consultant for domestic relocation. Think of me as your personal assistant for your move to the Dallas area. I can help you find a permanent or temporary place to live, determine which area is right for you, coordinate your deliveries, find your children new schools or care, help your family find things that interest them, set up your new home, help you buy furniture, and much more.

Imagine how smoothly a stressful move would be with an area expert who is here to help you every step of the way. 


The moonstone difference is a stressful versus a smooth move, it's that simple. 

Have you ever had relocation services provided by your employer? Me too. I wasn't super impressed and found I still had to do most of the work and research myself. Ever moved without any relocation services? Me too. That was hard, let's not do that again. Let me show you how Moonstone can make the difference and you will be spoiled from here on out. 


My clients range from young professionals to established families and everything in between. I have experience with budget-friendly clients and those that are directors, CEOs, and CFOs. Previous clients have thanked me for helping them organize their move, going above and beyond, and allowing them to delegate relocation tasks to me, so they could get back to their lives. Some of my previous clients have worked for Expedia, Apple, Nordstrom,  Salesforce, Facebook, and more. Whether you are moving for work or just changing scenery, I can help you find the right place and get you and your family settled in.



"Teri was a  lifesaver during my relocation! Not only did she find me an amazing apartment in my budget, but she also helped me find a great daycare, a reliable babysitter and helped me get my driver's license! Moving is hard enough for one person, but with a toddler it felt overwhelming and Teri was there every step of the way to help. She is my hero!"

Lynn C. 

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